The Basics of Reweyou

Reweyou is a team of 4 people working on the philosophy that things can be ‘made right’ and all you need is will and a bit of help. We are working to digitize the democracy by giving people power to change things around them over the internet.

Every day when we move around we see problems like broken roads, traffic jams, beggary, child labor, poverty, improper infrastructure and much more.It would be a fair assumption to say that 99% of us have become accustomed to this visual and don’t bother about it. 1% of us take up responsibility. They write blogs about it, spread awareness, engage in debates, work to solve the problem with the help of an NGOs or similar organisations and a few even take it up with their elected representative or other concerned government bodies. Most of that 1 % does their best and yet the results are almost never satisfactory. Why?
Because those 99% are too busy with their own lives. And the problem that that 1% is addressing is a problem affecting everyone but only that 1% seems to be concerned about it.  We wish to connect that 1% with the voluntarily ignorant 99% and solve the problems that concerns 100%.

Every Indian is mainly represented by three people at different levels: Member of Parliament at the centre, Member of Legislative Assembly at state level and the Corporator at local level. This is not a hierarchical structure and these people and they have different duties and responsibilities but all of these people have a role to play to solve most, if not all, of the problems that we face in our day to day lives.

Reweyou is a platform to help our elected representatives solve our problems in the process helping ourselves.

How do we help them?
By sending them complaints with solutions. Suppose there is a dump near your house, or there is a road that is in an extremely poor condition, or maybe a traffic light needs to be installed at a particular place in your area that can solve the traffic menace that you face daily. All you have to do is click a photo of the area and post it on with a description of the problem and your proposed solution.

How do you go about it?
Search your MP on and post your complaints or suggestions on their profile. But before that you need to make your own profile and fill in some details about you so that we can easily identify that we are working with a real person to solve a real problem.

Will we really solve it?
Umm…no. You will. You will solve your own problems. The person concerned is your MP or MLA, he will not listen to us but he will listen to you. If it is one person, he may not listen. If there are 10 people, he may listen but may not do anything about it, if there are 100 people he may work but he may not work properly but if there are 1000 person he will work. He has no other option.

For an elected representative, the probability of taking action to solve a particular issue is usually directly proportional to the number of people affected by that issue.

We first aim to connect people with the issues that bother them and then connect all the people with similar issues to their elected representatives.

So start today. Share, spread and start solving your problems.

ReWeYou: We’Re with You!

We’Re with You! Are you with us? Because together, we’re going to change the system.

 Ah, yes. I know what you’re thinking. You probably have that exasperated look on your face. And you’re not entirely wrong. After all, changing the system is one of the biggest clichés of our times.

 You know what we think, though? Clichés are boring. Nobody likes boring. Hence, boring is neglected. Neglect leads to decay. Decay leads to…you get the idea. And we promise you that it’s not a good idea.

 ReWeYou is for everyone: students, employees, employers, parents and any responsible citizen who wants to see progress (a.k.a change) in this world.

 With ReWeYou, you can review (yeah, you guessed it!) any organization, from your workplace to your bank to your kid’s school. You can submit the problems you faced (which could range from lack of structure and unclean environment to employee behaviour and working conditions) to ReWeYou and rest assured! Then our team will escalate the matter and notify the concerned authority, while keeping you fully updated about the progress of your matter. If you’re an employer, it would help you get a better idea of your company, its working conditions, employee and customer satisfaction and it would help you create and solidify your brand.

 And if you’re an aware and responsible citizen wanting to bring about some positive change close to you, you could even review the work done by elected representatives (or the ones contesting the elections) in your locality/municipality/constituency with ReWeYou. We aim to bring the reigns of progress right to the click of the mouse.

 So, yes! We’re going after a cliché. And we’re coming after you. To give you the power to change the world around you. Not the kind of change that will take decades; this change will be swift and the way you want it to be. Because you matter. Because one person, sitting at their laptop, can change the world.

 Maybe you’re that person. Well, We’Re with You!

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