ReWeYou: We’Re with You!

We’Re with You! Are you with us? Because together, we’re going to change the system.

 Ah, yes. I know what you’re thinking. You probably have that exasperated look on your face. And you’re not entirely wrong. After all, changing the system is one of the biggest clichés of our times.

 You know what we think, though? Clichés are boring. Nobody likes boring. Hence, boring is neglected. Neglect leads to decay. Decay leads to…you get the idea. And we promise you that it’s not a good idea.

 ReWeYou is for everyone: students, employees, employers, parents and any responsible citizen who wants to see progress (a.k.a change) in this world.

 With ReWeYou, you can review (yeah, you guessed it!) any organization, from your workplace to your bank to your kid’s school. You can submit the problems you faced (which could range from lack of structure and unclean environment to employee behaviour and working conditions) to ReWeYou and rest assured! Then our team will escalate the matter and notify the concerned authority, while keeping you fully updated about the progress of your matter. If you’re an employer, it would help you get a better idea of your company, its working conditions, employee and customer satisfaction and it would help you create and solidify your brand.

 And if you’re an aware and responsible citizen wanting to bring about some positive change close to you, you could even review the work done by elected representatives (or the ones contesting the elections) in your locality/municipality/constituency with ReWeYou. We aim to bring the reigns of progress right to the click of the mouse.

 So, yes! We’re going after a cliché. And we’re coming after you. To give you the power to change the world around you. Not the kind of change that will take decades; this change will be swift and the way you want it to be. Because you matter. Because one person, sitting at their laptop, can change the world.

 Maybe you’re that person. Well, We’Re with You!

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