Citizen Journalism – Why do you need it?


Why do we need citizen journalism?

We’re constantly¬†observing and encountering issues and problems in our daily lives, all around us.

Every few days a new app is launched by the authorities, but none of them are successful.
Why? Because the attitude of the authorities is usually lax towards the execution of such duties.


In India problems are not solved automatically, they needs to be highlighted. This is what the media is supposed to do. But many such issues are neglected in the media’s chase for a higher TRP.

For that matter, social media is playing its part in highlighting many such issues, but how many? Not until and unless post goes viral!

What about a platform where you can report any issue? A platform which will then combine the issues and highlight the problem to its core?

Reweyou is citizen journalism app, using which you can report any issue for which you cannot do anything. You can report on a variety of topics ranging from governance, infrastructure and crime to health, sports and education. You can simply ‘capture’ reviews, in the form of either a quick picture or a short video, and upload it on the app. You can also keep track of the latest reviews on similar topics in your city as well as share and second other people’s reviews.

But that’s not all. Every week, our team will analyze and create infographics of the reviews received during that week and send them to media houses and/or other concerned organisations. Your voice shall be heard.

You can download the android app through play store-



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