ReWeYou : Best Place to Get Public Opinion on Anything!

We are with You! Are you with us? Because together, we’re going to raise our voices and put down our thoughts where it matters.

Ah, yes. We know what you’re thinking. You probably have that thinking cloud over your head with a multitude of different, even contradictory, thoughts running wild at the same time. How do I put this down together? And you’re not entirely wrong. After all, writing them down is tough.

You know what we think? We think that it’s better to express and let out what you have in your mind. So why not here and why not now? And when you do that, you also help others in making an informed choice. Let your feelings out about what you care for, because what matters to you, matters to many others too.

ReWeYou is for everyone: students, employees, employers, business owners and customers, and any responsible citizen who cares about public opinion and is not driven by the stories of biased platforms and leaders. With ReWeYou, you can review (yeah, you guessed it!) any organisation, from your workplace, to your bank, to your kid’s school. You can raise an issue of the problems you faced, which could range from lack of proper infrastructure at a public place and unclean environment to employee behavior and working conditions. You can voice your opinion by rating and reviewing topics that are significant and issues that concern you. You can read, share and support reviews of other people to be better informed. On our part, our team will analyse and create report of the reviews received and share them with our media partners. Your voice shall be heard.

“The idea is pretty simple. If you come across any piece of information about which you would like to get reviews from others, just click and report it.”

We believe in highlighting the views of the society at large and cannot allow a ruling political party, an opposition party, a group of celebrities, an event organiser, employers or any media channel to decide what we should believe in. We believe in democracy!

We’re coming. We’re coming to give you the power to know and influence what happens around you. And it is not the kind of change that will take decades; it will be swift. Because you matter and so do your views.

At ReWeYou, we value you and your opinion. We value your reviews.

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